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Game-changers and goal-getters: Citywire Deutschland 2015 on film

VIDEO: Football, fund selection and the future of the eurozone were all on the agenda at the two-day event in Germany.

Top investors piece together Europe’s allocation puzzle

VIDEO: With the region under increased scrutiny, Citywire Global assembled leading investors in Geneva to find out how they were positioning their portfolios.

Taxi Talk: ATL Capital's Lopez on his three key alternative strategies

In the second episode of our new series, Madrid-based selector Felix Lopez explains where he's moving capital given current market conditions.

Greek solution would be short-term, so steer clear, says credit star

VIDEO: A painful agreement will be found but only postpone problems until later in the year, Generali Investments' Fabrizio Viola has said.

Alt Ucits vs hedge funds: weighing up alpha and operational risk

VIDEO: Tages Capital's chief strategist Nils Tuchschmid compares and contrasts the fund types and challenges some common misconceptions about absolute return.

Protection money: Hasenstab builds cash ‘war chest’ in giant fund

VIDEO: The Templeton Global Macro CIO tells Citywire Global why he is upping liquidity in his $68bn global fixed income portfolio.

Manager focus: a forensic look at the leading lights in global bonds

VIDEO: Citywire takes a closer look at the individuals posting eye-catching outperformance in a specific sector this month.

GLG bond star Mawby: prepare for taper tantrum take two

VIDEO: Citywire A-rated Jon Mawby believes many investors were ‘over-positioned’ and a sell-off helps restore sanity.

Beyond bond proxies: Polar Capital’s Davis reveals dividend drivers

VIDEO: The European equity income specialist reveals how to play the region’s financials and which sectors he has never owned.

Tensions and tourism: the new dynamic in Japan/China relations

VIDEO: Geopolitical challenges remain but Matthews Asia’s Kenichi Amaki believes now’s the time to tap increased travel between the two.