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  1. China’s challenges: five top managers on the country’s growing pains

    By Matthew Goodburn on 10 April 2014

    VIDEO: In the third part of Matt Goodburn’s report from California, leading investors discuss China’s looming credit crisis and surviving a structural slowdown.

  2. Golf, 'bloketox' & Ferraris: how to find upside in ageing

    By Amy Williams on 10 April 2014

    VIDEO: Today's retirees are well-off, plus there are a growing number of them. Lombard Odier's Johan Utterman reveals some of his top picks for targeting this powerful group of consumers.

  3. Nobody dares to call Draghi’s bluff, says Henderson’s rates chief

    By Chris Sloley on 09 April 2014

    VIDEO: The ECB president has established the ‘credible threat’ of action which is the right course, says James McAlevey.

  4. Bypassing banks: how to stay on top in US equities

    By Amy Williams on 08 April 2014

    VIDEO: At the firm's recent investor day in Milan, Dalton Strategic Partnership's Nabeel Mughal revealed his tactics for beating the US government at its own game. 

  5. Golden gains II: five top fixed income managers trade views

    By Matthew Goodburn on 08 April 2014

    VIDEO: In the second part of Matt Goodburn’s US report, leading names from PIMCO, Franklin Templeton and Matthews Asia reveal their bond strategies.

  6. Oil shock is biggest risk for India, says equity star

    By Matthew Goodburn on 07 April 2014

    Citywire A-rated manager Sankaran Naren says the long term prospects for India are good, as long as the oil price remains stable.

  7. Spanish property tops Euro equity star’s recovery plays

    By Amy Williams on 04 April 2014

    VIDEO: Citywire AA-rated David Robinson believes the burnout sector is now much leaner and ready to rebound.

  8. Kames' bond chief: how to exploit the end of tapering

    By Matthew Goodburn on 04 April 2014

    VIDEO: Bond veteran David Roberts sits poised to pounce on market overreaction once the Fed finally turns off the taps.

  9. Golden gains: five top US managers trade views on equities

    By Matthew Goodburn on 03 April 2014

    VIDEO: Matt Goodburn reports from California where leading managers from Neptune, PIMCO, Matthews Asia and Franklin Templeton reveal their equity expectations for 2014.

  10. US capex revival is taking shape, says Neptune’s Wintle

    By Matthew Goodburn on 01 April 2014

    VIDEO: Neptune's US equities head explains why M&A will help drive the market this year and why CEOs are now more ready to spend.

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