The top global high yield managers revealed

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Our new and updated ratings section now reveals the top European performers in the high yield global bond sector for the first time.

Five years

In a field of 28 competitors a trio of managers from AllianceBernstein have been tagged as the joint top performers over five years. Gershon DistenfeldDouglas Peebles and Paul DeNoon jointly run the AllianceBernstein Global High Yield fund which over the last five years has posted returns of 43% while its LIBOR EUR benchmark rose 16.27% and the average manager in the sector returned 22.7%.

Next in line is John Lupton from Fortis Investment who returned 32.37% in the five year period. Lupton runs the G.A. Fund L Bond High Yield which posted returns of 32.37%.

Following closely on his heels is Schroder’s Wesley Sparks who returned 31.25% over the last five years. He runs the firm’s ISF Global High Yield fund which has returned 31.9%.

All of the top ten performing managers in the high yield bond sector posted five-year returns above the average manager’s 22.72% figure. They include, in joint sixth position, Putnam Global High Yield Bond fund managers and Paul Scanlon and Stephen Peacher; Per Wehrmann who runs the DWS High Income Bond Fund; Julius Baer's global high yield bond fund manager Greg Hooper.

In joint tenth are Italian fund selectors Raimundo Marcialis and Gianmarco Stanga and who runs Italy-based MC Gestioni's FdF High Yield fund of funds.

The full five year ranking table can be seen here.

Three year returns

When you look at the high yield sector over five years, some different names take up the top spots.

Karina Sirkia from EDM Gestión returned 31.22% over the time period while the average manager posted returns of 6.02% and the LIBOR EUR benchmark rose 9.93%. She runs the Spanish firm’s EDM Credit Portfolio.

In second place is Philipp Good who runs Fisch’s Bond Value fund at Swiss firm Fisch Asset Management while Sparinvest’s Klaus Blaabjerg follows closely with strong returns from the firm’s High Yield Value Bonds fund.

Invesco’s Claudia Calich, who is better known for her track record in the emerging market debt sector, is in fourth position for her returns with the firm’s Global High Income fund.

Finally, AllianceBernstein’s three top performing managers Distenfeld, Peebles and DeNoon, appear in fifth position overall over three years.

The full three year ranking table, made up of 36 managers, can be found here.