Smart beta firm prepares commodity ETF launch

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French group Ossiam is planning to launch a commodities smart beta fund which should be available from early September, Citywire Global has learned.

The Natixis Global Asset Management affiliate is also planning to develop a fixed income product.

Speaking to Citywire Global in London, the firm’s head of business development Isabelle Bourcier said the upcoming commodity smart beta product would be launched across all major European countries, including the UK, France, Germany and Italy.

The commodity ETF will be based on the S&P GSCI index, one of the main commodity market indices, and will be overseen by the firm’s CIO Fabien Dornier and his team.

The launch is in response to investor demand for an alternative passive approach to their commodity exposure, said Bourcier.

The Paris-based group is also in the early stages of developing a fixed income product which is likely to focus on the global bond market.