Odey hands ex-Griffin manager new long/short fund

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London-based Odey Asset Management has launched a global long/short fund for former Griffin Capital Management fund manager Markus Rezny.

The Odey Orion fund, domiciled in Dublin, has an unconstrained mandate and can invest in equities, derivatives, government and corporate bonds, collective investment schemes, commodities, currencies and cash.

The Ucits fund is designed for investors seeking long-term capital growth, who are able to take on high market volatility.

Odey offers sterling and dollar share classes on the fund, while the base currency is in euros.

The firm said the annual fee for the fund is 0.75%, with a 20% performance fee.

Prior to joining Odey in April last year, Renzy had managed Griffin European Opportunities fund, a long/short equity absolute return product.

The fund had been run by committee following Renzy's departure and remains so despite the sale of a number of funds to rivals Renaissance Asset Managers in January 2012.