Investec names new co-lead on currency fund

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Investec Asset Management has appointed analyst Antoon de Klerk as a co-portfolio manager on its Alternative Ucits currency fund, the firm has revealed.

De Klerk, an investment analyst focusing on emerging market fixed income, has been promoted to co-run the Investec GSF EM Currency Alpha fund alongside Werner Gey van Pittius.

Former professional rugby union player Van Pittius was named as co-head of Investec’s emerging market debt team in July 2012 alongside former Citywire A-rated manager Peter Eerdmans (pictured).

Since assuming the role, van Pittius has been named as lead manager on the Investec GSF EM Currency Alpha fund – which he co-runs with de Klerk – and sole lead on the Investec GSF Emerging Markets Currency fund.

Both of these funds had previously been run by Eerdmans, who remains as a fund manager on six of the company’s other emerging market debt funds.

A spokesperson for Investec told Citywire Global that Eerdmans remains involved in the active management of both strategies despite no longer being named as a portfolio manager.

The spokesperson added: ‘The changes on these specific funds are both a natural reflection of Werner’s on-going responsibility for managing these currency funds, and the fact that Antoon has always worked closely with Werner on the currency side of the process with a  particular expertise in African currencies.’

De Klerk has been within Investec’s emerging market debt team for the past seven years.

Over the past 12 months, the Investec GSF EM Currency Alpha A Acc Gross USD fund has lost 1.19%. This is while its Citywire benchmark, the LIBOR GBP 3Months, rose 5.49%.