Going Dutch: the newly-rated managers taking the Netherlands by storm

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Investors in Hong Kong bonds and equities have something to shout out about in the Dutch ratings this month. 

Chow Yang Ang from asset group Schroders has entered on his debut with the coveted AAA rating. 

The bond manager has been managing the Schroder ISF Hong Kong Dollar Bond fund since May 2007 focussing on securities denominated in HKD.

Hong Kong equities manager Toby Hudson also makes his debut with a AAA rating with the Schroder ISF Hong Kong Equity fund. The fund is more than 40% invested in financials and its top holding is HSBC Holdings, which is 8.6% of the portfolio.

Latin American bond managers Mary-Thérèse Barton and Orlena Yee from the asset management arm of private bank Pictet & Cie have also made their debut with a AA rating.

The duo co-manages the Pictet-Latin American Local Currency Debt-P USD fund which they have run since its launch in November 2007.

Finnish equities manager Truls Haugen is another new entrant, earning himself an A rating. Haugen is from the firm ODIN Forvaltning and joins his colleague Alexandra Morris, who has achieved a AA rating and manages the Odin Europa fund.

European bonds have also shined this month and here we see Michael Krautzberger of BlackRock, T Rowe Prices’ David Stanley and Fidelity’s David Simner all going up one notch in the ratings to receive their first AAA ratings.

The group with the most rated managers once again are JP Morgan with 17 rated fund managers. Following closely behind are T Rowe Price with 16 and in third we have BlackRock which has 15 rated managers.

Overall, ratings have been awarded to 342 managers who manage funds which are registered for sale in the Netherlands. As of March 2012, this comprised of 56 AAA, 80 AA and 206 A ratings.

We are now tracking 1,876 managers running 2,164 funds; of which 1,338 have the necessary performance history required to be eligible for a rating.