Get to the truth in an uncertain world: new addition for Citywire Maastricht


In a world where we're all overloaded with information, working out exactly what is fact and what is not has become a challenge for all professional investors.

Adding to the line-up of 10 market-leading portfolio managers, Citywire Maastricht will include visionary speaker Thimon De Jong.

He will explain how you can use his innovative techniques to cut throught the uncertainty and confusion generated by 'big data' and a never-ending circle of fact-checkers.

The conference, on April 17th-19th, will open with a keynote address from the ever-popular Pippa Malmgren, former White House adviser and expert on geopolitical risk.

After hugely positive feedback from similar sessions in Switzerland and Italy, our head of investment research Jonathan Miller will also present exclusive Citywire research into fund and manager performance.

Tapping into our database of more than 8000 fund managers, his analysis will offer an insight into how fund flows can affect – and sometimes skew – peer group analysis, with important implications for the average investor experience.

This event is free for professional fund selectors. If you are a fund selector and you would like to attend, email or telephone +44 207 840 2245.