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Fund Manager Interviews

Biotech, buyouts and beyond: star healthcare pair reveal playbook

Sector specialists Daniel Mahony and Gareth Powell think the industry is due a shot in the arm and reveal how to ride the market’s ups and down.

Sanctions are stifling Russia's banks, says AAA-rated manager

Regional specialist Fredrik Colliander thinks trade sanctions against the country won't be lifted any time soon with financials set to suffer further.

Tech ‘unicorns’ are in bubble territory, warns long/short expert

RWC Partners’ Priya Kodeeswaran offers word of caution on ‘hype’ stocks breaching $1 billion pre-IPO valuations.

Tread carefully with small-cap tech, warns AA-rated Esselink

The blockbuster small-cap manager believes innovation is evident but investors need to be cautious over piling into potentially volatile names.

Buy & hold veteran: why I had to drop Buffett-backed stock

High conviction investor Mark Phelps explains why he sold out of a strongly performing stock once Berkshire Hathaway became interested.

Portuguese bonds sell-off is just noise, says AAA-rated Crastes

Top-performing global bond manager believes peripheral Europe remains ‘most valuable’ pocket of fixed income universe.

Japan star Harker: Abenomics has ‘trashed’ the yen

Citywire AA-rated manager believes the Japanese market is no better off than before stimulus was introduced but some winners can be found.

The waiting game: bond stars on how to play the ECB’s next move

Three top fixed income managers discuss how they are positioned and where they see value after Draghi's big hint for more stimulus.

Healthcare M&A is scaring investors, says GAM star

Citywire AA-rated healthcare specialist Christophe Eggmann thinks a number of business models in the industry are only focused on price hikes.

Credit star brands Glencore an ‘interesting’ opportunity

Citywire A-rated Stefan Sauerschell has built up exposure over the past year and is also finding value in the banking sector.