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  1. Boutique EMD chief: why I’m betting big on Russian bonds

    By Chris Sloley on 25 July 2014

    Despite international pressure on the country, ACPI’s Daniel Moreno is holding local and hard currency Russian debt as his largest positions.

  2. JPM multi-asset veteran: why I doubled my equity exposure

    By Luca Rossi on 25 July 2014

    Blockbuster manager Talib Sheik explains why he has upped stocks and cut US high yield bonds in his €7.9bn fund.

  3. Indonesia faces headwinds despite election outcome, says Asia star

    By Matthew Goodburn on 24 July 2014

    Citywire AA-rated equity manager believes election outcome cannot mask growing political and economic issues in the country.

  4. Last tango: three EMD managers on Argentina’s default drama

    By Luca Rossi on 22 July 2014

    Citywire Global canvassed specialist investors on what the next chapter will bring and whether it's time to tap the LatAm country.

  5. Back oil over industrials, says Pioneer’s €1.2bn income manager

    By Emily Blewett on 18 July 2014

    Karl Huber believes industrials valuations are rising too far and has also reduced exposure to France since the end of 2013.

  6. T Rowe HY veteran: why I'm cautious on first time issuers

    By Luca Rossi on 15 July 2014

    Bond specialist Michael Della Vedova is looking to the secondary market for 'tried and tested' bets as primary plays prove troublesome.

  7. Fidelity's Hartmann: Spanish banks will be crippled by deflation

    By Matthew Goodburn on 02 July 2014

    Citywire A-rated manager explains why she missed the rally and warns peripheral banks will not be able to delever against a deflationary backdrop.

  8. Inflation protection is cheap, so I’m buying, says AXA IM’s Hayes

    By Chris Sloley on 02 July 2014

    Citywire + rated manager has doubled his inflation-linked exposure since the start of the year, pointing to the long-term threat of inflationary problems.

  9. Three reasons to bet on a rebound in Italian banks

    By Luca Rossi on 02 July 2014

    European and Italian equity specialists Giacomo Tilotta and Roberto Brasca have upped exposure and explain why others should follow suit.

  10. Follow Twitter when it falters, says consumer star Neele

    By Chris Sloley on 01 July 2014

    The social network’s long-term structural story is sound, so don’t get scared when sentiment turns, says Citywire A-rated manager.

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