French duo split after manager exit

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Cécile Imbert has left Prigest after eight years with the French boutique, Citywire Global can reveal.

The Paris-based manager had been working alongside former co-manager Matthieu Rolin on its Prigest Europe and Prigest US funds for almost three years.

Rolin confirmed to Citywire Global that Imbert had left the firm on amicable terms on January 18 to pursue new challenges.

Imbert had been manager of the Prigest Europe fund from 2006 and the US fund from 2009. Following Rolin's incorporation to the boutique’s investment team in 2010, the pair had formed a solid partnership and ran both funds as a duo.

Rolin is now sole manager in charge on both funds and said their investment strategy will remain intact. There are currently no plans to recruit a new manager to replace Imbert.

The French boutique was founded by the renowned French investor Christian Cambier in 1982. SwissLife Banque Privée currently owns 25% of the company with Cambier remaining its majority shareholder.

Over the past three years the Prigest Europe has posted returns of -5.46% while its benchmark, Euro Stoxx 50 TR, rose 1.45%.

During the same period the Prigest US returned 25.72% while its benchmark, S&P 500 TR, rose 36.3%.