French duo hold on to top amLeague spot

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French fund managers Eric Bleines and Florian Allain of CCR Asset Management have continued their strong start to 2012 and are once again top of the latest amLeague monthly rankings.

The February rankings for the league’s pan European mandate show it was a tightly fought battle for first place with the CCR duo returning 6.75%, followed closely by Roche Brune AM’s Bruno Fine and Grégoire Laverne with 6.69%.

In third place came Mandarine Gestion pair Marc Renaud and Yohan Salleron who posted returns of 6.29%.

The amLeague offers a way for institutional investors to compare fund managers' skill at running identical mandates.

Each manager must run a paper portfolio with an identical set of mandate guidelines: a market exposure of 98-100%, a minimum of 20 stocks, and a maximum exposure to any single sector of 35%.

Of the 20 managers taking part in the pan European mandate, 11 outperformed its STOXX 600 Net Return benchmark which rose 4.15% in February.

In the eurozone mandate, the top performing team was from Alliance Bernstein.

Its eurozone strategic value team returned 5.51% in February, beating the portfolio managed by the Barclays team to top spot as they came in second with returns of 5.42%

The Allianz Global Investors duo made up of Catherine Garrigues and Thierry Le Clercq came in third and returned 5.12%.

In the month of February, 9 of the 16 managers included in the mandate outperformed the EuroStoxx Net Return benchmark which rose 4.35%.

In the recently launched global equities mandate, EDRAM’s Thomas Gerhardt and Ludovic Vauthier have also managed to hold on to their top spot with returns 4.69% in February.

The EDRAM duo has topped the leaderboard since the new mandate was launched two months ago at the end of December 2011.

In second place is the portfolio managed by the Allianz High Alpha Strategy team which posted returns of 4.14%, followed by the Roche Brune AM team who returned 3.98%.

Of the 10 managers included in the global equities mandate, 6 outperformed its Stoxx 1800 Net Return benchmark which rose 2.7% during the month of February.