French boutique launches European growth fund

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Mandarine Gestion has launched a European growth fund for the newest member of its growth team Marie-Jeanne Missoffe.

The Mandarine Europe Opportunités fund adopts an all cap approach and Misoffe, a former Citywire AA-rated manager, will run it using a bottom-up investment style to build a portfolio of around 50 to 60 stocks.

Misoffe joined the Paris-based firm in October last year from SPGP where she ran its Cap Grande Europe fund. She is part of Mandarine's growth team which is led by Euro Stars AAA-rated manager Joëlle Morlet-Selmer.

'Our goal is to offer investors a product fully invested in European growth equities with real geographical diversification,' said Misoffe. 'That is why the Mandarine Europe Opportunités fund has limited exposure to France.'

The new fund is the third addition to the French group's growth range which also includes Mandarine Opportunités, a French growth fund managed by Morlet-Selmer, and Mandarine Unique, a European small and mid cap growth fund run by Citywire AA-rated Diane Bruno alongside Morlet-Selmer.

From its inception till Misoffe's departure in February 2012, the Cap Grande Europe fund lost 46.8% while its Citywire benchmark, FTSE Europe TR, dropped 24.7%.