Former US equity chief opens own boutique

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The former head of US equities at Artio Global Investors has resurfaced at the helm of his own New York-based investment boutique.

Veteran investor Samuel Dedio stepped down from Artio at the end of October after the former Julius Baer subsidiary shut its US equity fund range.

Artio had opted to wind up its four-strong fund range due to concerns over the outlook for the US equity sector in the future.

This included the Artio US Smallcap and US Multicap funds, which had been launched as Ucits-compliant vehicles in June.

Dedio has now established his own fund house called Patrumin Investors, where he has taken the role of lead portfolio manager and managing partner.

In his new role Dedio intends to call upon his six years of experience at Artio and his seven years as head of US micro, small and mid-cap investment at Deutsche Bank.