Allianz tops global amLeague rankings

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The Allianz Global Investors High Alpha team have topped the latest monthly amLeague rankings for their performance in the competition’s global mandate.

The team managed portfolio returned 2.74% in March and was one of only four teams to beat the global mandate’s Stoxx 1800 Net Return benchmark, which rose 1.68% over the same period.

Three teams entered into a closely fought battle for the two remaining top spots with TOBAM securing second place returning 1.95% while BNP Paribas’ THEAM and the ING teams posted returns of 1.84% and 1.77%, respectively.

The goal of the league was to offer a way for institutional investors to compare fund managers' skill at running identical mandates.

Each manager must run a paper portfolio with an identical set of guidelines: a market exposure of 98-100%, a minimum of 20 stocks, and a maximum exposure to any single sector of 35%.

Two leagues were originally launched at the end of June 2010, the pan-European and eurozone equity mandates, while the global equity mandate was launched at the end of December 2011.

In the league’s pan European mandate regular top performing managers Martin Kolrep and Manuela Von Ditfurth of Invesco once again lead the monthly rankings after posting returns of 2.3% in March.

In second place was EDRAM’s Philippe Lecoq and Olivier Huet with returns of 1.46%, followed closely by Roche Brune AM’s Bruno Fine and Grégoire Laverne who posted returns of 1.39%.

An impressive 13 of the 18 managers included in the pan European mandate outperformed its Stoxx 600 Net Return benchmark which fell 0.08% in March.

The eurozone equity mandate sees quant specialist TOBAM lead the pack in March as its team managed portfolio posted returns of 2.01%.

Allianz managers Catherine Garrigues and Thierry Le Clercq came in second place after returning 1.62%, beating the Federal Finance team by the narrowest of margins who posted returns of 1.61%.

Of the 14 managers included in the eurozone mandate, 9 managed to outperform its EuroStoxx Net Return benchmark which fell 0.26% in March.