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  1. Top rated bond manager rotates into unloved LatAm bets

    By Chris Sloley on 05 May 2015
    Citywire AAA-rated Michael Leithead believes ‘aggressive’ spread widening has opened up opportunities for his $847m fund.
    In This Article Michael Leithead
    Michael Leithead
  2. Neuberger Berman to ride M&A wave with small cap fund

    By Chris Sloley on 05 May 2015
    US asset management firm launches Ucits-compliant version of long-running value-focused strategy.
  3. Movers and shakers: the top 12 manager changes in April

    By James Evans on 05 May 2015
    Citywire Global counts down the most read fund manager moves and changes over the past month.
    In This Article Kristian Falnes Frank Lingohr Torsten Graf Antonio Hormigos de la Casa Sajiv Vaid Stewart Cowley Gergely Majoros Maurizio Novelli Olivier Baduel Beryl Bouvier di Nota
    Kristian Falnes, Frank Lingohr, Torsten Graf, Antonio Hormigos de la Casa, Sajiv Vaid, Stewart Cowley, Gergely Majoros, Maurizio Novelli, Olivier Baduel, Beryl Bouvier di Nota,
  1. AXA IM expands short duration range with Asia fund launch

    By Luca Rossi on 05 May 2015
    Investment firm bolsters €23bn strong strategy range with new approach aimed at tapping growth of Asian credit markets.
    In This Article Jim Veneau
    Jim Veneau
  2. Matthews Asia launches Japan equity fund

    By Chris Sloley on 05 May 2015
    Asian investment specialist expands funds range with all-cap portfolio for Citywire AA-rated regional expert.
  3. Evy Hambro’s protégé joins world’s largest gold mining group

    By Chris Sloley on 05 May 2015
    Mining sector specialist assumes business development role with Canadian company following BlackRock exit.
    In This Article Catherine Raw Evy Hambro
    Catherine Raw, Evy Hambro
  4. Bill Gross: how to survive the end of bonds

    By Chris Sloley on 05 May 2015
    The market veteran believes the bull run for bonds is ending with a ‘whimper’ and only the truly unconstrained can survive.
    In This Article William H Gross
    William H Gross
  5. European sovereigns market is in bubble territory, warns bond star

    By Luca Rossi on 05 May 2015
    Petercam’s Citywire + rated manager Peter De Coensel turns attentions to the IG market to hedge against uncertainty in the sovereigns sector.
    In This Article Peter De Coensel
    Peter De Coensel
  6. Michael Lipper: three key takeaways from Berkshire Hathaway's AGM

    By Michael Lipper on 05 May 2015
    The Wall St veteran muses on the latest meeting of Warren Buffet & co., as well as looking at wider lessons for legacy investors.
  7. Eurozone bonds: how a Greek debt duo rose to the top of the table

    By Nisha Long on 05 May 2015
    Through electoral euphoria and negotiation nightmares, the Eurobank AM pair have held their heads high above their peers.
    In This Article John Gikas
    John Gikas
  8. Converts champions: top risk/return managers over five years

    By Nisha Long on 05 May 2015
    DISCOVERY: Citywire tracks the three best performing managers over the past half-decade on a risk/return basis in the Bonds – Convertibles Global sector
    In This Article Tom Wills
    Tom Wills,
  9. The flows show: the biggest money makers in European equities

    By Nisha Long on 05 May 2015
    DISCOVERY: Citywire takes a closer look at which managers have attracted the most money and whether flows follow the top performers.
    In This Article Max Anderl Benjamin Stone Thorsten Winkelmann
    Max Anderl, Benjamin Stone, Thorsten Winkelmann
  10. Overnight Markets: Wall Street ends higher on upbeat earnings

    By Himanshu Singh on 05 May 2015
    Berkshire Hathaway added 1.62%, giving the biggest boost to the S&P 500, after the insurance and investment conglomerate's results beat forecasts.
  11. Get ready for wave of ‘breakthrough’ therapies, says healthcare star

    By Chris Sloley on 04 May 2015
    Citywire AA-rated Andy Acker believes speed of innovation has improved approval process and now’s the time to position for advances.
    In This Article Andy Acker
    Andy Acker
  12. Asia stocks rebound as weak China PMI spurs stimulus bets

    By Himanshu Singh on 04 May 2015
    Less-than-stellar data from China fuelled bets that Beijing will unveil further support measures to revive its stumbling economy.
  13. JPM AM hard-closes trio’s European equity fund

    By Chris Sloley on 01 May 2015
    Asset management firm opts to stop all new money entering strategy shortly after attempting to stem inflows, Citywire Global has learned.
    In This Article Nicholas Horne Michael Barakos
    Nicholas Horne, Michael Barakos,
  14. Brown Advisory launches ‘global leaders’ equity fund

    By Chris Sloley on 01 May 2015
    US-based asset management group hands new approach to former HSBC fund manager, Citywire Global can reveal.
  15. Fed should have already started rate hikes, says $21bn HY manager

    By Luca Rossi on 01 May 2015
    AB’s Gershon Distenfeld says the continuation of the current monetary policy may pave the way for potential asset bubbles.
    In This Article Paul DeNoon Douglas Peebles Gershon Distenfeld
    Paul DeNoon, Douglas Peebles, Gershon Distenfeld
  16. Four reasons the Indian rally hasn’t run out of steam

    By Chris Sloley on 01 May 2015
    The onset of ‘Modi mania’ has driven equity markets higher and Citywire AA-rated Manish Bhatia believes key drivers can help this continue.
  17. Former rising star quits French boutique for Mirova

    By Chris Sloley on 01 May 2015
    ESG-focused Natixis subsidiary appoints formerly Citywire AA-rated responsible investment specialist to senior post.
    In This Article Léa Dunand-Chatellet Cyril Charlot
    Léa Dunand-Chatellet, Cyril Charlot
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