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  1. Firing ahead in frontier markets: top managers of 2014 revealed

    By Chris Sloley on 30 January 2015

    Citywire Global shines a light on the outperforming equity duo posting the strongest performance over the past 12 months.

  2. Packing a punch: outperforming blockbuster funds of 2014 revealed

    By Harry Brooks, Chris Sloley on 30 January 2015

    Citywire Global scans the heaviest hitters in our database to uncover which mega-sized strategy produced the strongest performance last year.

  3. Former AA-rated EMD manager joins Nordea

    By Chris Sloley on 29 January 2015

    Developing world debt specialist joins asset management group in Copenhagen following one-year stint with LOIM, Citywire Global has learned.

  4. ‘Euphoria fears’ drive First State star Asante to store cash

    By Chris Sloley on 29 January 2015

    Citywire A-rated manager is keeping liquidity on hand in global equity approach as ‘risky businesses’ are being pushed to unsustainable levels.

  5. Indian equity star warns ‘lucky’ Modi over complacency

    By Chris Sloley on 29 January 2015

    Citywire A-rated Prashant Kothari has pounced on the new PM’s pro-business agenda but believes low oil prices could prove problematic.

  6. BlackRock’s deputy head of EMD departs

    By Chris Sloley on 28 January 2015

    Market veteran who joined US asset manager as part of team overhaul in 2012 exits, Citywire Global has learned.

  7. Domestic China shines bright for Carmignac’s Pickard

    By Luca Rossi on 27 January 2015

    PARIS: The EM specialist is positioning his €1.2bn fund to take advantage of increasing A-Shares opportunities and also eyeing India.

  8. A-shares access: top managers clash on China strategy

    By Chris Sloley on 26 January 2015

    A-shares have rallied since the opening of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect, Citywire Global canvassed leading investors on its long-term health.

  9. Carmignac’s Ouahba: pockets of value in US HY and EM local debt

    By Luca Rossi on 26 January 2015

    PARIS: Co-manager on the blockbuster Patrimoine fund highlights asset classes to watch and how the group is playing QE.

  10. ‘Modi mania’ has pushed valuations too far, says EM equity star

    By Chris Sloley on 26 January 2015

    Citywire A-rated Thomas de Saint-Seine says he is optimistic on Indian growth, but has cut holdings as the market is too expensive.

  11. Skagen’s Kon-Tiki team: four high-conviction EM bets to back

    By Chris Sloley on 23 January 2015

    Nordic boutique names four high-profile picks the group is backing to succeed in its €5.7bn flagship developing world fund.

  12. UK boutique unveils emerging market equity fund

    By Chris Sloley on 22 January 2015

    London-based group launches high-conviction approach focused on developing world stocks, Citywire Global can reveal.

  13. First State’s GEM equity team toys with breaking ‘no SOEs’ rule

    By Chris Sloley on 22 January 2015

    Citywire A-rated Jonathan Asante’s unit names one stock which could potentially end five-year stance on state-owned firms.

  14. EMD star Conelius: why I believe in a 'Fragile Five' comeback

    By Luca Rossi on 22 January 2015

    Citywire + rated manager has upped exposure to previously beaten down markets while also opting to return to Russian debt.

  15. Swiss boutique unveils mixed asset fund for new unit

    By Chris Sloley on 20 January 2015

    Geneva-based asset manager builds on rapid expansion of specialist team with macro-driven approach.

  16. The five EMD local currency managers who made money in 2014

    By Chris Sloley on 20 January 2015

    Citywire Global uncovers the handful of developing world debt specialists who ended the past 12 months in positive territory.

  17. Global emerging market equity head departs Barings

    By Chris Sloley on 19 January 2015

    Asset management group announces change in roles as unit chief returns to Sweden after 18 months in the hot seat.

  18. EM star Price: Indian shift helped turn around 2014 performance

    By Chris Sloley on 16 January 2015

    Citywire AA-rated manager pinpoints increased allocation to country’s financials as driving factor for recovering from early year slump.

  19. Global equity small caps: the money-making managers in 2014

    By Chris Sloley on 15 January 2015

    After a tough 12 months for small companies, Citywire Global uncovers the handful of investors who kept their heads above water.

  20. Eyes on Eastern Europe: EMD star names the markets to track

    By Chris Sloley on 15 January 2015

    Citywire AAA-rated regional specialist Leen Clijsters outlines where to look in the troubled region.

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