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On the up in the UK: top equity income managers revealed

As pound sterling falls against the dollar, Citywire Global takes a closer look at the top performers managing cross-border UK equity income funds.

Fund of funds outperformer: markets have lost their mind

Citywire + rated Frédéric Cohen impacted by arbitrage positions as €200m fund gives up ‘hard won gains’ due to market correlations.

Low oil prices are here for the long haul, says global chief economist

Renaissance Capital's Charles Robertson names Iran as the biggest turnaround story in 2015 against a difficult commodities backdrop.

Bond star Bezalel: how we’ve front-run ECB action

VIDEO: Ahead of Thursday’s central bank meeting, the Citywire AA-rated manager reveals how he has positioned to outperform.

The inside track on alpha: going beyond a buzzword

Fund selectors need to consider how alpha fits into their overall aims and how much it is worth paying for, says Athymis Gestion’s Tristan Delaunay

Country champions: three top equity managers to watch

Citywire Research uncovers the country-specific specialists posting ratings-worthy performances over the past month.

Manager focus: the stars shining bright in GEMs

VIDEO: This week’s round-up uncovers the developing world dynamos posting the most noteworthy performances in the volatile sector.

Guiding lights in global equity: top managers to follow

Citywire Research uncovers a trio of investors able to invest on a global basis who are posting strong risk-adjusted performances this month.

Bright sparks in European bonds: three managers to follow

Citywire Research takes a closer look at the region to uncover a consistent outperformer and a rising star regaining her rating.

Overnight Markets: Wall Street dips as investors await policy moves

For the month, the Dow was up 0.3%, S&P 500 rose 0.1% and the Nasdaq gained%.