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  1. Feel the frontier fear: HSBC's Andrew Brudenell on riding out volatility

    By Chris Sloley on 28 December 2014
    Entering uncharted territory can shake the most hardened of investors, the Citywire A-rated manager reveals how to survive in uncertain circumstances.
    In This Article Andrew Brudenell
    Andrew Brudenell
  2. Deal or no deal: M&A specialist Philippe Lecoq’s takeover tales

    By Chris Sloley on 26 December 2014
    All-too-brief flurries of M&A activity over the past few years have hurt his performance, but this time round it’s different, says Philippe Lecoq.
    In This Article Philippe Lecoq Olivier Huet
    Philippe Lecoq, Olivier Huet
  3. Overnight Markets: Dow Jones surpasses 18,000 on strong GDP report

    By Himanshu Singh on 24 December 2014
    Nasdaq fell modestly pressured by the biggest selloff in biotech names in many months.
  1. AXA & Barings: Russian financial effects 2015 revealed

    By Yixiang Zeng on 23 December 2014
    Citywire Asia has collated two leading fund houses’ views on Russia’s expected economic developments in 2015 and how they will position their investments in Russia.
    In This Article Michael Levy
    Michael Levy
  2. The 10 biggest fund launches of 2014

    By Harry Brooks on 23 December 2014
    Citywire Global takes a look at the fund launches that drew your attention over the past year.
    In This Article Adrian Brass
    Adrian Brass
  3. An alternative look at 2014: the year’s biggest Alt Ucits stories

    By Harry Brooks on 23 December 2014
    From star names exiting to new strategies emerging, Citywire Global takes a look at the most read Alt Ucits articles from the past year.
    In This Article Guillaume Rambourg
    Guillaume Rambourg,
  4. Opec warns even $20 oil will not lead to output cut

    By David Campbell on 23 December 2014
    Saudi Arabia will not act to reduce global oil supply even if the price of crude fell as low as $20 a barrel the country’s oil minister said on Monday
  5. Eastspring multi-asset chief: oil drop fuelling fears over US HY

    By Indira Vergis on 23 December 2014
    Kevin Blacklock says his team is likely to continue trimming high yield exposure in 2015 but outlook for equities is more constructive.
  6. The 10 biggest manager move stories of 2014

    By Harry Brooks on 23 December 2014
    From the star manager switches to the full team transplants, Citywire Global reveals the top manager move stories of the past 12 months.
    In This Article Mohamed El-Erian Scott A. Mather Mark Kiesel Mihir Worah Virginie Maisonneuve Andrew Balls Daniel Ivascyn Richard Pease Michael Clements Claire Manson Hervé Hanoune William H Gross
    Mohamed El-Erian, Scott A. Mather, Mark Kiesel, Mihir Worah, Virginie Maisonneuve, Andrew Balls, Daniel Ivascyn, Richard Pease, Michael Clements, Claire Manson, Hervé Hanoune, William H Gross
  7. US bond sell-off fears ‘really overblown’, says JPM’s Sheikh

    By Luca Rossi on 23 December 2014
    JPM's Talib Sheikh explains why developed markets long-term bonds are his best call for 2015.
    In This Article Talib Sheikh Michael Schoenhaut
    Talib Sheikh, Michael Schoenhaut
  8. How will oil prices hit 2015 dividends?

    By David Campbell on 23 December 2014
    how much pain can we expect in the medium term as expected cash forecasts built on oil at +$70 are torn up?
  9. Overnight Markets: Tech shares lift Dow, S&P 500 to records

    By Himanshu Singh on 23 December 2014
    Wall Street gained for a fourth consecutive session despite continued weakness in the energy sector.
  10. AXA Rosenberg's Smith: why IBM may be too cheap

    By Matthew Goodburn on 22 December 2014
    VIDEO: Axa Rosenberg's global equities manager explains why he believes IBM might be trading below its intrinsic value.
  11. The macro risk that could decide oil's fate

    By Atholl Simpson on 22 December 2014
    A decision to ease sanctions on Iran could flood the market with oil and undercut an already low price.
    In This Article Chris Beer Brahm Spilfogel
    Chris Beer, Brahm Spilfogel
  12. Templeton star Takaha: expect more ‘credit deterioration’ in 2015

    By Atholl Simpson on 22 December 2014
    Citywire AA-rated Eric Takaha says the US is looking promising but investors should still expect some credit bumps along the road.
    In This Article Eric Takaha
    Eric Takaha
  13. EMs in 2015: four top asset managers plot the course ahead

    By Yixiang Zeng on 22 December 2014
    Will growth grind to a halt? Where are the EM hot spots for the heavyweight investors? Four top firms reveal where to look in the coming year.
    In This Article Mark Mobius Kevin Gibson
    Mark Mobius, Kevin Gibson
  14. Invesco's US senior loan expert ups quality as risk premium falls

    By Luca Rossi on 22 December 2014
    Citywire + rated Kevin Egan explains why he increased his higher-rated senior loans exposure and what calls hurt his fund this year.
    In This Article Kevin Egan
    Kevin Egan
  15. Michael Lipper: the worst price and 3 top long-term bargains

    By Michael Lipper on 22 December 2014
    Veteran investor talks about the dangers of end of year pricing and where he is looking to put his money next year.
  16. Month by month: 2014's biggest stories

    By Harry Brooks on 22 December 2014
    We reveal the biggest stories on Citywire Global's website month by month.
    In This Article Allan Conway Richard Woolnough Bill Eigen Laurent Ducoin Samir Essafri Kenneth Nicholson
    Allan Conway, Richard Woolnough, Bill Eigen, Laurent Ducoin, Samir Essafri, Kenneth Nicholson
  17. Swiss boutique bolsters funds range with global multi-asset strategy

    By Chris Sloley on 22 December 2014
    Lugano-based firm adds Ucits-compliant approach to invest across global equity and fixed income markets, Citywire Global has learned.
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